Business Services

SoHo Network Solutions offers IT Services and Network Administration to small and medium size businesses. With 12 years of experience we can give you the piece of mind that your computers and network will run. We are happy to assist you with all your IT, Network and Computer needs. No project is too big or too small! We aim to provide you with the service other companies can not! We can help your business, organization and non-profit organization with all your IT and computer needs. Please see our services below. Call if you don't see the service you need on the list, we can help!

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IT Support 24x7 Network Administration Network Design
Network Installation and Set-up Data Back-up and Recovery Data Removal - Drive wiping
Virus Removal Malware Removal Software Installation
Hardware Upgrades System Upgrades and Maintenance Computer Sales
Vendor Liaison Security Camera Installation & Sales New Computer Installation and Setup

IT Support and Consultation

We are your IT Department. We offer small and medium size businesses an alternate solution to having high payroll and IT on staff. We offer a broad range of services and can accommodate all your IT needs. If you need a service we don't specifically list, please contact us.

24x7 Network Administration

Today, small businesses have the same needs as big businesses; A reliable network! With SoHo Network Solutions as your IT Department, you'll get 24x7 network monitoring.

Network Design

Let us help you design your network, whether you are a start up business or your business is growing, we can help design a network that fits your company's needs. With our network design services, we will be your vendor liaison. We will help you select the right server(s), computers (workstations) and plan the installation and set-up.

Network Installation & Set-up

Setting up a network for your home or office can be an undertaking. Let us do the dirty work for you. We can make sure all the cables are run in a nice clean install. Set up your servers and computers, and get devices such as printers and scanners configured.

Data Back-Up and Recovery

Loosing your data is probably one of the most scary things you can face as a business owner. We can configure your backups so you don't lose your data. If you do loose data, we can help. If you think your data is lost, think again. In most cases we can recover your data.

Data Removal - Drive Wiping

Do you have sensitive data that needs to be erased? It's not as easy as just formatting the hard drive. We can remove the data (back it up if needed) and wipe the drive so the data can never be recovered.

Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses are a subset of malware, basically the two words mean the same thing. Viruses or malware can effect your computers and servers. Even with a good anti-virus or malware program, you may still be vulnerable for an attack. One of the most common services we perform for businesses, organizations and home users is malware removal. Trojans, worms, and rootkits are examples of common malware you may get. If this happens to you, don't wait, don't call any other number than our number 717.831.8128 and let us take care of it for you and prevent any further damage to your computers or network.  

Software Installation

Not sure how to install your software? Want to make sure it is installed properly? Let us help you. We can install the software you need on your servers and computers (workstations). As part of our vendor liaison service, we will make any necessary contact with the software provider when needed. Giving you hands free and worry free service when it comes to your software.

Hardware upgrades

If you are in need of upgrades for your computers or servers, we can help. Hardware upgrades can include the following -

  • Hard drive replacement or upgrade
  • RAM (memory upgrade)
  • CD/DVD ROM upgrade
  • Motherboard replacement or upgrade.
  • Processor replacement or upgrade
  • Video and Sound card upgrades

System Upgrades and Maintenance

A system can refer to a computer (workstation) or servers, either way we can help maintain them. Over time most computers slow down and just need an upgrade to perform better. When the time comes we can help you upgrade the right parts to make sure your system stays running well. We can improve the performance of your computers and servers to keep them running smooth.

Computer Sales

How much RAM do you need? What size hard drive is best for you? What is the best manufacturer? For many, these are the tough questions when shopping for a computer, "How do I get the computer I need for the best price?" We are not a direct seller or retailer of any computer manufacturer but we know computers. With our knowledge of computers we can act as your liaison and help find you the best computer(s) for your needs for the best price.

Vendor Liason

Servers, Computers, Email Service, Software, these are all things that can be overwhelming or just too much to deal with. Let us help you. We offer Vendor Liaison Services for your business or organization. We speak Geek!

Security Camera Installation & Sales

Protect your business, your equipment and your data with security cameras for your home or office. We can help you get the security you need from the beginning process of selecting the right cameras to the final process of setting them up and using them.

New Computuer Installation and Setup

It doesn't matter if you've already bought the computer from someone else or need us to help you find one. When you are ready, we can help you install the software, and set up the computer including getting it on the network and connected to devices like the printer. When we leave your computer will be up and running as it should.