However, it does have some irritating problems with space management requiring you to delete old backups once you run out of space on your backup media. I'd much rather have a backup process that I can set and forget. I recently found 'Macrium Reflect'. They offer a free version for home use. I highly recommend it.

With Macrium Reflect, you can save an 'image' of your entire computer to another hard drive. If a virus makes your windows installation unusable, or if your hard drive were to die, you can restore everything from this backup.

You can even choose how many backups you'd like to keep, before it automatically deletes the oldest backups to maintain your space.

I suggest a removable USB drive, that you can disconnect when not backing up. This would prevent a virus from also affecting your backups.

Macrium Reflect can be found here:

Inexpensive portable USB drives can be found here:…/…/…